Technical Reports and Proposals

Commonly, assignments of technical reports and proposals focus students' attention on four types of learning tasks:

  • analyzing and organizing information for ones' self,
  • communicating information to an audience in writing, including visual aids,
  • generating an entire document in a prescribed format, and
  • perhaps, designing and delivering a related oral presentation.

The list below includes variations on these traditional themes: tasks designed to focus students' attention on specific mental processes involved in preparing a report or proposal.

Ideas for Learning Tasks (i.e., Assignments) that Support Assessment

  • Write a complete technical report
  • Write a complete proposal
  • Write one or more sections of a technical report or proposal:
    • Research question or hypothesis
    • Thesis sentence (One sentence -- the author's main point.)
    • Outline including the main ideas of each section
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Statement of Assumptions
    • Literature Review
    • Method Section (or Materials & Methods Plan)
    • Results & Discussion
    • Annotated Bibliography

Making Scoring/Grading Useful for Assessment